The SeroPrEP study is led by Dr. Monica Gandhi and Dr. Catherine Koss at the University of California, San Francisco. The initiative is a resource for people who may have acquired HIV after receiving PrEP.  

If you acquired HIV infection while taking PrEP, you may participate in a questionnaire for PrEP users even if you do not want to participate in the laboratory study or share any identifying information about yourself.  If you are a clinician who has a patient who may have acquired HIV infection while taking PrEP, you may seek advice and specialized laboratory testing using the link for clinicians.  

Questionnaire for PrEP users who acquired HIV infection.

Questionnaire for Clinicians having a patient who may have acquired HIV while on PrEP.

Characteristics of PrEP users who might benefit from these resources.

  • One or more HIV tests suggesting that HIV-1 infection has occurred.  Such tests may include RNA tests, antigen tests, or antibody tests.
  • Receipt of a prescription for PrEP in the past 3 months.
  • PrEP was reportedly used at least once a week on weeks when sex occurred during the 3 months before suspected HIV diagnosis.

Available resources

  • A survey for the clinician to request information.  
  • An anonymous survey for the PrEP user.
  • An option for the PrEP user to consent for more specialized lab services to analyze PrEP drug concentrations/metabolites.
    • The clinician obtains the specimens and sends the kit back to the laboratory.
    • Laboratory results from clinical tests will be returned to the clinician when they become available.